Body-shamers! Let people be!

You ever stop for a second and think about how many times people have given opinions about your appearance and which appearance suits you best as if you even asked? It has become a norm and literally everyone is obsessed with being perfect. You’re never good enough, it’s either you’re too skinny, too fat, too dark, blah! blah! Seriously, stop giving me self-esteem issues!

If you’re a social media fan, you’re probably used to seeing innocent photos of people being used by body-shamers to make internet memes and what not, people can be cruel, you’re not being funny,as a matter of fact,you’re an internet troll who is emboldened by anonymity, that you wouldn’t dare make those hurtful comments to someone face-to-face,why? Because you know it’s wrong.

A close friend of mine was told that she’s growing too big and it’s not good for her, that she’ll lose her figure and that people don’t walk with X-ray machines to know what she has inside, that physical appearance gives credit. I mean, how cruel and ignorant can a person be? Looking beautiful has nothing to do with a person’s body shape or weight, it’s about self-confidence and feeling good just because you feel comfortable with what you are. So just love yourself and shake off the negativity.


Homophobia is poison. Spread love

Sexuality aside. People are just people! We are human and as such we have feelings. Everyone falls in love, no one helps who they fall for, and that’s just chemistry. So if a man falls for another man or a woman loves another woman, what could be so wrong about two people loving each other genuinely?

I don’t get why people associate gayism with sin or immorality, afterall, no one is righteous or a saint, so how about we let God do the judgement? My point is we need to stop being homophobic and quit stigmatizing people based on their sexuality. Get to know a person as an individual, do they have good manners? Do they have a stunning personality? Who they choose to love should be none of your business!

Male chauvinists need to be reasonable

A study conducted in 2009 in the US suggested that oestrogen and testosterone hormones are somehow responsible for aggressive behavior in male mice.

Male chauvinists are now using this study as an excuse to rationalize their aggressive and dominant behaviours. Any reasonable person would agree that this is one hell of a joke, afterall you can not use a hormone as a licence for your bad behaviour.

As women, we perpetuate these chauvinistic stereotypes in men unconsciously, you see, assuming that your male partner is the boss of everything, your finances, your life and making decisions,is giving him power over you. Avoid giving him the satisfaction. You’re spoiling him. You need to share responsibilities, he should do the dishes as well, change the baby’s pampers and put the kids to sleep while you run other errands. We need to stop supporting toxic masculinity.

There’s power in heels

Heels are definitely not every girls’ cup of tea🍵. But who wouldn’t fantasize walking in heels👡?My friends ,especially guys would be like, “Whoa! How do you walk in those? “Son! My feet are on fire!😰.

With heels, you achieve that confidence, you stand tall, they look up to you. Sound familiar? 😉. Honestly I think girls in heels scream confidence and they look attractive.

Are heels uncomfortable ?They could be depending on the inches. But fashionable? Duh! They have always been trendy and classy. Piece of advice to my girls out there ,if you can’t rock high heels get yourself a comfortable pair just to spare yourself the embarrassment of tripping down the stairs. Meanwhile as you boys are acknowledging how good she looks in those heels, give her a kudos, it’s a sport on its own.

Are you a toxic feminist?

Yes yes! Human rights are very important, I believe in women’s rights, I believe in gender equality and women being CEOs and engineers .But feminism has become tainted by toxic feminism. I don’t think feminism is about hating men and holding them responsible for our misery, I mean, seriously, let’s stay woke, that is toxic femininity.

Thinking that women deserve the world and men deserve nothing is toxic in my opinion. Feminism should be about women getting top positions at work, women getting that degree or PhD and them being active in politics and the economy.

In domestic violence cases and divorce cases as well as custody battles, women are prioritized while men face bias. We should stop demonizing men and presenting them as hostile ,it’s important that we acknowledge and embrace masculinity.

Neighbour from hell!!

Everybody longs for that neighbour who is sweet and kind, you know, the kind of person who brings over some snacks from their kitchen or who keeps an eye on your house while you aren’t around. Unfortunately some neighbours are straight outta hell. Have you ever met an overly-nosey person? Someone who just can’t stop poking their nose into your affairs and always gossiping?

So I used to live next door to this lady who was always in my business. Always wanting to know where I’m going or where I’ve been the whole day. Whenever my male friends came around to visit, she’d make sure my mom was informed, along with her neighbours who also informed their neighbours! Talk of a local celebrity! Lol!. I never liked her and I made it obvious. She once told me I’ll never get a husband with my attitude, boy do I have some news for her!

Anyway the best way to deal with such people is to set boundaries, speak your mind and always be prepared. So this is how I used to deal with my nosey neighbour before we moved out, I ignored her for years y’all, well, until I couldn’t take it anymore, I once snapped, almost got into a fight. If it wasn’t for an intervention, I would have put a witch in her place. Hehe!

Submission vs Feminism

Feminists have been divided by the aspect of sexuality. When it comes to sexuality, feminists are all about women having power and control over their own bodies and rubbing off the notion that they are sexual beings. Submission is allowing someone to have control or power over you, feminists would say submission makes a woman a “frail doormat.” Interestingly, people usually make submission about women submitting to men while randomly throwing around bible verses on submission to legitimize their opinions. Toxic submission can be in a way that a woman should bow down for her man and obey his rules irregardless of how senseless and inconsiderate he is. To me, that is a dictatorship. I’m not saying women should not be submissive,in fact, I love the idea as long as it’s consensual and harmless, but I’m against toxic submission. A woman being submissive is being in touch with her femininity. For a man, a woman being submissive makes him feel more masculine. It’s really more about passion and intimacy in my opinion. So it’s a win-win situation.