Submission vs Feminism

Feminists have been divided by the aspect of sexuality. When it comes to sexuality, feminists are all about women having power and control over their own bodies and rubbing off the notion that they are sexual beings. Submission is allowing someone to have control or power over you, feminists would say submission makes a woman a “frail doormat.” Interestingly, people usually make submission about women submitting to men while randomly throwing around bible verses on submission to legitimize their opinions. Toxic submission can be in a way that a woman should bow down for her man and obey his rules irregardless of how senseless and inconsiderate he is. To me, that is a dictatorship. I’m not saying women should not be submissive,in fact, I love the idea as long as it’s consensual and harmless, but I’m against toxic submission. A woman being submissive is being in touch with her femininity. For a man, a woman being submissive makes him feel more masculine. It’s really more about passion and intimacy in my opinion. So it’s a win-win situation.

Women cheat more than men! “Allegedly.”

As much as we’re talking feminism and equality, women have taken it to the next level.I’m not proud to say this but they’re approaching equality on the cheating front. According to research, women are more likely to cheat than men. So a research carried out by Durex found that, 73% of women has cheated at least once but only 6% are caught, on the other hand 70% of men cheat serially but 63% have been caught.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a website for married people looking for affairs,, reportedly, more women than men are signing up.Technology really has come a long way, anyway, women hardly get caught because, well, they’re sneakier and really good at covering their tracks. Thing is most women wouldn’t dare go for a boy next door, dumb move. Women love compliments, attention and affection, if that’s not being served, they’ll look for it elsewhere. I mean, come on! They’re human.

I’m not a slut!!!!

Slut shaming is basically implying that a woman is loose or a “ho”. Being promiscuous does not necessarily mean that someone is of low morals. In this era we’re celebrating feminism like never before, people should stop stigmatizing women over their sexuality.

Female rape victims for instance get slut shamed by the authorities when they report a rape or sexual harrassment encounter. ” You’re dressed like a slut, you asked for it.” Is what they say. A woman’s value or worth is determined by how she dresses or by presumptions about the number of sexual patners she has. So men are allowed to be promiscuous and sexually provocative but women aren’t? I don’t think there’s a male equivalent of slut shaming. As a matter of fact, a man having too many sexual patners is very okay according to society. He is as they say, “The man.” A woman however, is a slut. This in my opinion is very hypocritical and degrading. It’s time we stopped using the S-word!!

Should ladies make the first move?

Times have changed, it’s the 21st century, we’re living in a new generation. There’s certain cultures and lifestyles we practise today which in the past would have been considered very unacceptable. The dating game for instance has changed majorly. You see, these days it’s very normal for a woman to approach a man and confess her feelings for him. I know, the thought of it seems awkward and even worse is the thought of being rejected. Ladies, have you ever contemplated making the first move? Did you go through with it or maybe you were too shy? Haha!

I know most girls would see a hot dude on social media and confidently slide into his DM. But how about approaching a guy physically? How the hell are you supposed to throw vibes? What if you suck at pick up lines? Like “Hey you, I like your tie and I think you’re cute, think you wanna grab a drink sometime? Can I have your number?” I don’t know about you but i’d have to be drunk to do that. Dating can be hella exhausting, Where’s a life saver when you need one?

So how’s college? Or life for that matter

Anxiety is reportedly the top presenting concern among college students followed by depression. Honestly, college is more difficult than highschool, Well, at least for me it is..Lol! There’s that fear of uncertainty of the future, maybe you hate being average or you hate the possibility of waiting four years or more to get a salary you can’t comfortably live on. There’s apathy, restlessness,hopelessness and social isolation. You get so miserable, it’s like your life is falling apart sometimes you can’t hide it, you get sick of trying to pretend to be excited over possibly the worst pages of your life. At the end of the day you need to wake up and get a life, go out and have fun, keep off bad company or bougie people..But most importantly, talk to someone you can trust and get counselling.